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Three alligators with angled mouths come to visit. A story to help distinguish between acute, right, and obtuse angles. 

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I look at you and all I see and angel prints. God's gift to me. (A picture book followed by an adoption Q&A)

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She fought weather, prejudice, and the law to become one of the most infamous women in Wyoming history. (Historical fiction based on the life of the real Bronco Nell.)

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A brief introduction to the Mayan culture in their base number, 20.

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A collection of 48 short Old Testament plays specifically for an LDS audience.

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15 rhyming/sight word tales for Kindergartners. Comprehension questions and reading aids precede each story. 

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A mixture of chemical principles with poetry styles from around the world.

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A to Z is easy to see, but can you spy the styles used? A list at the end of the book helps you spy some of the styles used.

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Tips to help finish your writing projects.

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