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I can do more than just read and write. For example, I can wiggle my ears, move to a new state while pregnant (done three times), and lift things off the floor with my amazing toes. I also graduated from college with 2 and a half majors in 3 and a half years.

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My Georgetown Contest Entry

I recently entered Figment's Georgetown contest.  In 1,000 words or less, you had to have your two favorite characters do something at a Washington monument. 
As I read the Georgetown novella we had to write the continuation scene from, I remembered thinking the girls needed to be stronger.  While some were power-hungry manipulators, most of them were trying to be kind and good.  But it felt more like appeasement than an actual conviction of goodness.  The kind that will stand the test of time.  That is what I tried to give them in my entry, The Lincoln Connection, which can be read here:

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