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I can do more than just read and write. For example, I can wiggle my ears, move to a new state while pregnant (done three times), and lift things off the floor with my amazing toes. I also graduated from college with 2 and a half majors in 3 and a half years.

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The Lost Puppy

One day a puppy got lost in the woods.  He was scared, and he was hungry.  He found some beans and ate them.  Suddenly, he was floating.  He could see his house!  He was so happy, his tail wagged him all the way home.

(Author's Note: This story was created when my daughter handed me a 2x4 imch piece of paper and said, "Write a story."  While this has been slightly modified from the original, I kept the image of the puppy's tail propelling him forward through the air, because he was wagging it so hard.)  

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