The Big Dipper Changes His Name

The Big Dipper
Every time a child makes a wish, it is recorded by the stars.
One day, a star heard, "Please, help me not to be a bucket dipper. Bucket dippers are mean and bad." 
This made the star very sad, because he was part of the BIG dipper.
He didn't want to be a bucket dipper either so he ran away. "I won't hurt anyone here," he thought to himself.
Then he heard another prayer. "I’m lost. Please help me find my way home." 
The star remembered that the big dipper wasn't just a constellation. It pointed the way to the North Star. That star had helped people find their way home for thousands of years.
He hurried back to his spot in the sky. People counted on him to find the right way.
The next night he heard a child say, "Please help me be a bucket filler. They are kind, and they help people"

He smiled and sparkled a little more brightly. That’s what he was. People may call him a big dipper, but he was really a big filler. 

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